We offer the following contact lenses:


Soft - Various types of these contact lenses are available, ranging from normal to Astigmatic lenses. These lenses are available for yearly use, monthly use, weekly use or even daily disposables. Our optometrists will advise you on what type of lens is best suited for you.


GP / Specialty - Though considered to be obsolete by many, GP lenses provide certain individuals with better vision and comfort. Specialty lenses such as Rose K are provided for individuals with corneal complications such as Keratoconus.


Cosmetic / Prosthetic - These lenses can be either prescription or non prescription cosmetic/colour contact lenses. Prosthetic contact lenses are also able to mask flaws and improve the appearance of an eye disfigurement from a birth defect, trauma or an eye disease. It is very important to obtain these lenses from a reputed eye care practitioner.